Meet GlacierNet

GlacierNet is Pixamation's custom data center that powers and protects 100's of customers in Lewis County, NY.    And even better, GlacierNet is located in Southern Lewis County so your data and applications are local and on demand.

Embrace change!

Let us help you embrace the cloud. Times are changing and our customers are leveraging the cloud to get more done and increase productivity with less resources.  Your data and applications are still close by with a local data center.  Call us today to find out more!

Mobile Friendly

We can help you "cut the cord" and empower your staff members to work remotely. Using the latest technology, your staff members will stay connected and productive no matter where they are!

Servers and Networking

We offer high availability network design and implementation services including Windows Server 2022 and the latest VMware configurations. We also specialize in 'Big Data' environments and can configure PetaBytes of storage clusters for your network.

Easily scale up your next project with GlacierNet.  Contact us today to see how we can make your next project a success with our highly available and scalable network. Stream video content or server up large datasets with ease!  Mass email large batch jobs or serve up large app updates without headaches.  Your imagination is your limit with GlacierNet.  Whether you need 100 GigaBytes or 100 TeraBytes, GlacierNet can handle your application needs.

Sample 4K Video Stream


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